Home, Sweet Home

October 24, 2006

Cecil's home

Cecil has finally left the Cat Loft to begin the next stage of his life. His new person, Elizabeth, reports that he’s adjusting well, playing and being his old sweet self. To be honest, the timing was perfect as he was getting kind of cranky after his neuter surgery. His friend Kewpie had been adopted and life in a crate was so over for the gregarious tiger! He needs one more eye procedure and the staples have to come out from his neuter surgery, but there was no reason for him to stay at BARC when a loving home was waiting for him! Judging by the photos, he looks so happy and, who knows, maybe he’s learning to play chess?!?



October 12, 2006

Cecil on Park Avenue and 79th Street

Cecil had an exhausting day commuting to Manhattan for his neuter surgery. We both took a break next to this Fernando Botero sculpture on Park Avenue. I’ve seen people pulling their frantic, confused barking dogs past this delightful bronze giant! Cecil’s testicles never descended, a condition called bilateral cryptorchidism, and needed a procedure more like a spay than a simple neuter. His “cojones” were up by his kidneys, and the vet said it was fairly simple to the tune of $230.00 and change! He’s back in the Cat Loft and once his final eye procedure is done, he has a forever home to go to. He will be missed!

Kewpie’s not a doll

August 27, 2006

Ceciil Waits...

Kewpie makes a move...

Cecil strikes back...

Kewpie, a super-high energy calico, has become one of Cecil’s best friends in the cat loft. She’s a few months older but has no trouble keeping up with him! Cecil still needs some medical procedures, but he and Kewpie both are available for adoption, click HERE. Come meet them at the BARC Cat Loft.

Cecil and the snake

August 3, 2006

Cecil & Snake collage

Cat Loft predator – August 3, 2006

Augie Doggie

July 31, 2006

Shawn, cat loft adoption volunteer extraordinaire, has named the little blind kitten Augie! AugieDoggie! I know, he’s a CAT, but like every good nickname it just popped into my head and will not leave. He’s fighting a bad case of the runs, so I took him home to give him some extra TLC and monitoring. Kittens this small can decline very quickly, but he already has a small fan club rooting for him.

Cat Loft Cody

One-Eyed Cody – The Cat Loft Bully

Cecil went to the AMC for the last procedure on his eyes, but it was cancelled because the machine used to “freeze” the hairs rubbing his eyes wasn’t working. Needless to say human and cat were not pleased with having to schleppe to Manhattan in 90 degree weather for NOTHING! We have to wait for a reschedule, but in the meantime, Cecil’s tearing up the Cat Loft. He’s very wary of Hermes, but fascinated with Cody (above) for some reason.

The Kid Next Door

July 22, 2006

Blind Kitten - no name yet

This little one is Cecil’s new neighbor. He’s only about 6 weeks old and is blind. What a pair, Cecil born without eyelids, and this furkid born without eyes! Fortunately, he’s very responsive to sound and loves to play and be handled. As soon as he’s officially checked in he’ll get a name and a number. I’ll keep this post updated!

All the Cecil photos I took yesterday are out of focus. I wish I had a video camera to catch him growling at the kitten and grooming himself at the same time. Sounded kind of like “rahwlga, rahwlga, rahwlga!” He was happy to see me and is loving the constant food supply. He only got two squares at my house!

Auggie passed away on August 5th – see comments

The Cat Loft’s New Resident

July 21, 2006

Cecil had another recheck at the AMC. He’s getting some antibiotic eye ointment again, but Dr. Aquino was pleased overall with his healing process. She’s going to do some final procedures next week where the individual hairs that rub his eyes in a couple spots will be “frozen”. It’s nowhere near the “big deal” his original surgery was and knowing Cecil, he should bounce back quickly.

Cecil has been moved to the Cat Loft. 😦 It was a very difficult move. For me. Cecil is a little grumpy about the small orange kitten in the kennel next door, who is also new to BARC. He kept reaching into Cecil’s space trying to steal his toys. However, this prankster was just adopted so Cecil should have time to adjust before he gets a new neighbor. On the other side is an adorable tiny tiger who was born without eyes. Brand new to the Cat Loft, and still nameless, this little one shouldn’t give Cecil any grief, but we’ll keep you posted! I’ll try to get some photos today and put them up here later.

Be sure to visit! He’s still a bit “mouthy” and likes to chew on your arms, but it seems to just be a bad habit, and he’s getting the idea that humans don’t like that! A very clever cat is Cecil and what a great companion he will make for just the right person.

Cecil’s Growing Up

July 12, 2006

Cecil's Growing Up

Cecil – July 12, 2006

I realized Cecil’s blog needed an update and took a photo this morning. When uploaded on Flickr, it struck me how much older he looks. Still acts like a nutty kitten, but frozen in pixels, perhaps a bit more reserved? We have a recheck appointment tomorrow at the Animal Medical Center. I have lots of questions and concerns, including a new development that looks like a tiny “cherry eye”. I’ve only seen them in dogs, but perhaps cats can have them too. Cecil also has some behavior issues that I suspect may be related to his impaired vision. He seems to have trouble reading other cats (and my!) body language and can be too aggressive when playing. Of course that fact that he probably had little or no socialization for the first 4 months of his life may have something to do with his mixed messages too. Eventually, Cecil will need a permanent home and the more adjusted he is for the move the better it will be for all! BARC Shelter’s website has Adoption information. Sadly, Cecil’s donations have dropped off to nothing. If anyone can make a small contribution, or would like to sponsor Cecil it would be a huge help. BARC takes in new “special needs” dogs and cats every week and veterinary funds get depleted quickly as all you animal folks know! Here’s a secure link, and thank you for any amount: Network for Good

Cecil’s Monkey

June 16, 2006

June 13, 2006

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

June 14, 2006

We're ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille

I can’t get the new video clip to upload from the camera…grrr! This is the first photo since Cecil’s stitches came out. Dr. Aquino is pleased with how he’s healing, but won’t know if he will need more surgery until she rechecks him in a month. The plastic “cone” collar is off for the time being, and he’s having a ball with his er, ball. A blue ping pong ball with a rattle inside is the current favorite, but it keeps ending up in his water dish. He hasn’t figured out the little hammock I hung from the roof of his kennel yet though.

We got the bill for the surgery and consultation…$1,498.50! Ouch is right! Any donations would be greatly appreciated. It’s kitten season at the shelter and resources are especially scarce right now. Just yesterday, while struggling with the camera and computer, a milk crate full of tiny grey tigers came in. Six little orphans who will need to be bottle fed, tested and vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and housed until homes are found for them. Every dollar helps… click on the donation link on the left, and thank you!